See you on Wednesday!

Looking forward to seeing all of you this Wednesday, February 20, at 6:00pm for Naiza Khan’s student talk.  Room 120, Psychology Building.

Around 7:00, we’ll head over to Room 39 in Kresge Art Center for hands-on demos of mixed media techniques.

See you then!


2 thoughts on “See you on Wednesday!

  1. sense of site…
    abstractly or literally this exhibition is supposed to represent our feelings, reactions, conceptions, interpretations about our environment- essentially?

  2. Abstractly or literally. Interpretation is open to each artist. While Khan draws upon varied source material from some literal, physical sites (such as specific locations in Karachi and on Manora), for the purposes of the workshop, folks might deal in subject/source material from physical sites, OR from a “site” like a site of interpersonal conflict, OR a location (“site”) which doesn’t exist (?) in physical reality…OR…

    What are you leaning toward?

    (I’ve changed the comment settings, so comments should not get stuck in moderation. Sorry about that, Augusta!)

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